Eedris Abdulkareem: "I Took 2face To Kenny Ogungbe, He Is A Stupid Boy''

  ’Nonye Ben-Nwankwo and Ademola Olonilua Expectedly, artiste, Eedris Abdulkareem, wasn’t going to preserve quiet whilst Tuf...


’Nonye Ben-Nwankwo and Ademola Olonilua

Expectedly, artiste, Eedris Abdulkareem, wasn’t going to preserve quiet whilst Tuface Idibia known as him out through his social media cope with in advance in the week as he (Eedris) has blasted the singer, claiming he encouraged Tuface’s growth inside the enterprise.

Tuface had, in a sequence of tweets, replied to Eedris’ rants some weeks ago, wherein he stated Tuface should have helped his former label mate, Blackface, to rise again within the enterprise.

Tuface sooner or later answered Eedris through pronouncing, “expensive Blackface and Idris. As na una sabi tune skip, make una do the song and prevent talking nonsense all the time. I’m too busy, so this is the simplest recommendation and reaction u’re gonna get from me. Una suit resume una nonsense rants.”

but in an distinct chat with Saturday Beats, Eedris did not take this kind of observation gently as he speedy reminded Tuface that he was the only who added him to Kenny Ogungbe of Kennis statistics, the report label that shot him to prominence.

He described Tuface as a “fake man or woman who's used to deceiving Nigerians.”

“Tuface is the definition of his name. he's a very faux man or woman but you will suppose he is a good man or woman. existence is not approximately competition however about doing the proper element when God gives you the power to do it. My problem with Tuface is that this, if he tells you precise morning, pass and take a look at the time. It turned into the same Tuface that took Nigerians on a trip; he advised them that we must protest, he made a lot noise but we all recognise how that ended. He is aware of precisely who despatched him to try this and after the whole thing, he sponsored out. So his name is Tuface but he must no longer name himself Tubaba, he need to continue to be Tuface.

“Eddie Montana and Tony Tetuila are my brothers. we all started collectively as treatments, so we've got a story to talk approximately. Plantashun Boys and treatments are a family, we all began together, we went on excursions together and there are a lot of factors that I noticed which prompted me to do the song, Wackawickee MCs. The track became speakme approximately my experience at some point of the Rothman’s groove tour with the Plantashun Boys. whether or not you want it or now not, we all have a history together and i saw everything that passed off. I came again to sing the song. within the music, I stated that Tuface changed into the Plantashun whilst the relaxation are the lads however he ought to now not let it get to his head. nowadays, God has blessed him but he's still competing with the fellow that wrote most of his hit songs. Why isn’t he supporting him and neglect about the beyond? Is that what existence is all about?

“the world will realize about this inside the songs that i will drop very quickly. The most effective way he can turn out to be Tubaba is for him to grow to be a good individual and he must prevent mendacity to Nigerians. He need to cross lower back to Blackface, display him love and forget about approximately opposition. that's what i'm speaking about. besides that, I haven't any hassle with Tuface. i am showing Tony and Eddie love the identical way they display me love. I took Tuface to Kenny Ogungbe, he is a stupid boy. He should get it immediately to his head, it isn't approximately now. no person is competing with everyone. He ought to get his acts collectively. also, we are special from every other, i'm a accountable guy. even supposing he's a married man now, don’t overlook he nevertheless has approximately seven ‘better halves,’ so when he's talking, he need to watch his mouth due to the fact we're specific humans. Tuface need to keep in mind that it is not approximately competition however talk the reality,” he said.

Eedris told Saturday Beats that he changed into now not sorry for his preference of words; neither did he regret talking the fact. He stated that he turned into glad that his utterance had made humans speak. The singer stated, “i am glad I stated all the matters that I said due to the fact it is very essential you know wherein you're coming from and wherein you're going to. it's far most effective you that can tell your story. they say that it is most effective while you are dead that people could communicate about you, however it isn't genuine. talk for your self so that whilst you are dead, human beings would not lie towards you. The factor is that Eedris Abdulkareem added fee to the lives of Timaya and a few different human beings. Even Tuface himself, i'm the one who took him to Baba Keke for him to sign him under Kennis tune. you can ask Baba Keke. i'm pronouncing this due to the fact it's miles essential that humans understand what is occurring, so, you don’t want to begin making useless noise. we all make different alternatives in our lives and the selection I made is that I don’t need to kiss everybody’s ass to make money. I want to talk my mind and say what i have to mention. I knew that once pronouncing the ones matters, they could now not love or appreciate me however I decided to paintings tough and achieve success. I don’t need to make billions, I simply need to be comfy and live a lovely life,  that's what i am doing and i'm satisfied about it. i really like my life and i am satisfied that they're all speakme, this would make them wake up and start adding values to their songs and the folks that purchase their songs. We live in a totally sad truth but i would hold on talking. call me whatever you want to call me but I realize that i have introduced cost to the lives of humans round me. I thank God that one in all my boys, Rafioso, has already spoken; so I don’t want to speak to those human beings once more. The most critical element is for Nigerians to know all these items. i'm glad i have made my factor.”
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